Presentation Demonstration Schedule

Monday May 24 -
(2nd hour) Kaitlyn: Spinach Dip, PJ: Banana Pie

Tuesday May 25 -
(2nd hour) Soltana: ?, Christian: Pie Tacos, David: Sweet Potato Fries
(5th hour) Mike/Katelyn: Chicken Noodle Casserole, Arial/Jasmine: Buffalo Chicken Dip

Wednesday May 26 -
(2nd hour) Katelyn/Miranda: Chicken Tenders, Jessica: Fruit Salad, Shena: ?
(5th hour) Tom/Sean: Salsa, Andre/Shawnte: Spinach Salad, Rimon: Cucumber Salad

Thursday May 27 -
(2nd hour) Maria/Steve: Mashed Califlower, Tori/Lizzie: Banana Muffins. Amanda: Pumpkin Dip, Aaron: Broccoli Casserole
(5th hour) Asal/Mariana: Banana Pudding, Lexi/Anthony: Cornbread, Walid/Alyssa: Pasta

Friday May 28 - NO SCHOOL
Monday May 31 - NO SCHOOL

Tuesday June 1 -
(2nd hour) Zac/Anthony: Navy Bean Soup, Aaron Hall: ?, Sandra/Sulvia: Cucumber Salsa
(5th hour) Kristen/Ashley: ?, Simon/Lisa: Graham Cracker Cake

Wednesday June 2 -
(2nd hour) Kenny/Rand: Bourek, Earl: ?, Dylan: Pizza Dip
(5th hour) Rachel/Katie: Yogurt Parfait, Jeremy/Dominic: Potato Skins

Thursday June 3 -
(2nd hour) Emily/Shannon: Oatmeal Cookies, Ben/Vlad: Buffalo Chicken Dip, Brandee/Eriche: Pasta
(5th hour) Dylan: Bran Muffins, Rico/Johnny: Orange Salad

Lesson Plans May 3 - 7

Monday - Read and Discuss Fat Article
Tuesday - Workbook pages 59-60.
Wednesday - Nutrition Intern Presentation/Demo
Thursday - Turn in Ch 7 work. Begin Ch 8. pg 100: 11 vocab terms. Workbook pgs 61-62.
Friday - Workbook pages 63-65

Lesson Plans April 26-30

Monday - Ch 7 Protein & Fats Quilt of Notes Part 2
Tuesday - Good Eats "Protein Power"
Wednesday - Chicken Lemon Rice Soup Demonstration
Thursday - Omlette in a Bag Lab
Friday - American Eats: BBQ

Lesson Plans April 19-23

Monday - Guest Speaker from Art Institutes for the Culinary Arts Program
Tuesday - Workbook pages 51-52, Turn in all Chapter 6: Carbohydrate assignments
Wednesday - Good Eats
Thursday - Chapter 7 Protein & Fats Quilt of Notes Part 1
Friday - Heart Healthy Banana Cupcakes Lab

Lesson Plans April 12-16

Monday - Workbook pages 35-36, check workbooks.
Tuesday - Workbook pages 38-40, pg 75 vocabulary
Wednesday - Workbook pages 41-42, Chapter 6 discussion.
Thursday - Read "Solving Sugar Crisis" and "Truth about Sucrose" plan debate
Friday - Sugar Debate, Sugar/Artificial Blind Taste Testing

Lesson Plans March 15-19

Monday - Supersize Me
Tuesday - Supersize Me
Wednesday - Reflection of Documentary
Thursday - Fix Morgan
Friday - Antipasto Pasta Salad Lab

Lesson Plans March 1-5

MONDAY - Demo Big Fat Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies
TUESDAY - Make Cookie Dough
WEDNESDAY - Bake Cookies, 3 Chips for Sister Marsha
THURSDAY - Essential 6 Project
FRIDAY - Finish Projects